Food security analysis – Boddunan

January 10, 2014

Food security analysis – Boddunan.


Food insecurity advances to food riots. It is affecting the commonplace man and sense of insecurity of foods is on the rise. An elongated state of food insecurity can lead to a high degree of dissatisfaction among citizens. Poverty and food insecurity is interconnected. Food insecurity depends upon peripheral and internal factors.

A Pound of School Girl Wit

September 28, 2013

A Pound of School Girl Wit.



When will this stop? – News – Bubblews

June 4, 2013

When will this stop? – News – Bubblews.

Morning walk – News – Bubblews

June 2, 2013

Morning walk – News – Bubblews.

Smartphone smart ideas – News – Bubblews

May 31, 2013

Smartphone smart ideas – News – Bubblews.

Outdoor social gathering – News – Bubblews

May 29, 2013

Outdoor social gathering – News – Bubblews.

My experiments with truth

May 21, 2013

My experiments with truth.

If you send that report to head office, then today will be your last day. The police officer, with a single button as there’s provision for this. The chief manager of this office branch was shot at. After few minutes award staffs and some officers reaches to my chamber and they’re happy to see me hale and hearty.

Power corrupts people – News – Bubblews

May 20, 2013

Power corrupts people – News – Bubblews.

It is well said, ”Power corrupts and absolute power corrupt absolutely”. Karnataka recent assembly election showcased this. The mysterious presence of evil power within the authority that leads to corruption can impact severely when rights to vote for people come into hands of the common man. The greed of power makes some politicians to go the wrong way and in the process of exercising corrupt power they finish their political career. In the context of the recently concluded assembly election, both idioms of power and absolute power, fits excellent. BS Yedurappa, in 2008, with his own persona was able to bring back the BJP for the first time at a southern state, since its inception in 1980. Due to greed for power and the absolute position he has been in a political position, after five years, he had been deserted by his own party and compelled to form a political party and won only six seats from it.

Something missing for her

May 15, 2013

Something missing for her.

Solar powered vehicle – News – Bubblews

May 15, 2013

Solar powered vehicle – News – Bubblews.


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