Best Free PDF Writer and Reader

Best Free Non-Adobe PDF Reader

In todays world where everything even software demand price and the more price demanded by the prime pdf reader and writer like adobe and in return we got Adobe’sslow, puffed PDF Reader and Writer ?

And then consider excellent free thirdparty viewers and writers that are available. and that too those takes lesser spaces in your invaluable PCs

The FoxitReader. It’s small, loads in flash, supports bookmarks, and in the windows installer version it has loads of features in built on it and with it it has pdf editor and pdf creator with small addins downlaods and also it has search capability,offers many views and even allows you to annotate PDF files.though with validation marks that can only be removed by buying the full version of thereader. and also annotation aloowed with notepad and rich text format , ms word and open office writer annotations not possibles and to do this see BEST PDF WRITER ARTICLE . (Freeware, Windows 98-Vista, 2.1MB )

Sumatra Reader smallest of the lot .Image clarity lesser than Foxit , it is very fast and swipt in opening PDFs. it’s also portable also .

(Free OpenSource, Windows compatibility)

Clearer in itsdelivering is PDF-XChange Viewer thanthe Foxit reader . PDF annotation free of validationmarks so better than foxit reader . It also allows you fill and save Adobe PDF forms, and other features same as of Foxit Reader . program size nearly seventimes larger than Foxit. Thlite version missing most of the features.

(Freeware, Windows 2K-Vista)


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  Best Free PDF Writer

The most capable ofhardwork free PDF writers is Primo . It’s packed with features including the ability to set different security setting (40 , 128 bit encryption). WIth different secuirty settings . Like Allow users to print PDF , Allow users to copy text and graphics , Allow users to add comments  and thes can be used to stop users . It is a muscular download .

(Freeware, all Windows versions, 12.7MB )

 PDFCreator  an open source program , installs a  pseudoprinter in your system.   PDFs can be created from Word,Excel or indeed any Windows program that allows you to print.  The programhas many useful features

(Freeware, All Windows, 12.6MB)

 TinyPDF as the name suggests is very tiny  and fast and furious .

(Freeware, All Windows versions, 586KB)

A good second choice isCutePDF Writer  .  It works in a standardised way to PDFCreator and it’s free for bothpersonal and commercial use.

(Freeware, Windows 98-Vista, 1.55MB)

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