Configure the WindowsXP SP 2 Firewall

Configure the WindowsXP SP 2 Firewall

*    Windows XP’s Service Pack 2 contains a considerable upgrade to the operating system’s built-in firewall software.

*    The firewall is enabled by default, unless   another form of software firewall installed on your PC such as Zonealarm.

*     The new version of the firewall also contains more flexibility, and watches out for some new threats and actions.

*    To configure the SP2 Windows XP firewall go to ‘start\control panel\windows firewall.’

*    If the firewall is enabled, it will be ‘on’ here.

*    The ‘don’t allow exceptions’ option allows no internal software to accept outside connections.

*    Exceptions, as accessed by the ‘exceptions’ tab, allow certain programs installed on   computer to accept connections from the Internet which would otherwise be blocked by the firewall.

*    Choose ‘add program’ to add any application from a list of all that are installed on  PC. Once checked, this program can act as though the firewall did not exist.


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