Free software detects your security blemishes

Free software detects your security blemishes




    Computer security covers a horde of domains—password policies,software patches, account restrictions, protection againstmalware , viruses , crapware , adware and more

**There are number of free tools online that will make SWOT analysisof the system . Followings are the some of the best ones and ofcourse they arefree , only money to be spend is the internet connections timings.

• Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
• Belarc Advisor
• Securable
• AOL Active Security Monitor
• xp-AntiSpy



Microsoft Security Baseline Analyzer is A-one

*The free MBSA programcan be downloaded from .Theinstallation of MBSA  requires validationviaWindows Genuine Advantage. It can analyze a single computeror or multiplecomputers on network.

*Each entry in thereport links to HTML help text, explainingwhat was scanned and (in many cases)giving details on the results. If a problemis found, a “How to correct this” link is also available.

*The help files, in turn, often link to additional files online,such as Microsoft Knowledge Base articles.

*   It  provides serious scanning and smart solutions.

*It can be used by both  intermediate computer users and  also professionals.The Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer the best product I haveseen.

Belarc Advisor provides detail without advice

*Belarc Advisor gives too much information.

*It checks whether you have the latest Windows patches andvirus protection *It fails to tell you which apps need updating.

*It can be used in Windows 2000, XP Pro, or 2003, *


*Like MBSA, BelarcAdvisor’s detailed reports are tied in to ahelp file of explanations. the program’s explanations are poor and have no furthereducation link  to online resources.

*It has free versions for personal use and professional paidversion and detail informations can be obtained from its website .

Other analyzers not up to the standard !!!!

* SecurAble is a free tool from Gibson Research


* Explanatory info is provided at the SecurAble Web site.  The program doesn’t look atany other security aspects of your PC.

* Active SecurityMonitor (ASM) from AOL has the most attractive interface . It gives suspicious informationsthat will put trouble for inexperienced and amatuer users .

* ASM enquires security  on firewall, virus and spyware , HIPS , IEprotection , Wi-Fi connection and Windows  are fully patched position ,backup software (but it failed to detect Windows ownbuilt-in backup application). It checks the status of Wi-Fi connection security which is a unique features among all the analysers .



    Xp-Antispy  is  settings specific to Windows XP that may affect PCsecurity. In one of my laptop it actually gives trouble.

* The program presents a list of checkboxesshowing the state of these settings  and lets you change the setting immediately without opening anyother control panel or Windows tool.


* Its interface is childish.




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