Install the Backup Utility in XP Home

the Backup Utility in XP Home

*    Windows XP Home does not come with the Windows backup
utility installed like other versions of Windows XP.

*      this useful utility does exist on the XP Home
CD, and will work just fine once installed. See PCstats Guide to backing up
data in Windows XP for more details on using Windows backup once it is

*    To install Windows backup on XP Home place your XP
Home CD in your drive and navigate to ‘(CD drive

*    Then, double click the ‘NTBACKUP.MSI’ file to start
the installation process.

  Schedule Automatic Data Backups


*    To  schedule
automatic backups of   Windows data using the built-in backup
software and the task scheduler.  

*    To schedule backups in Windows XP open the backup
program (‘start\all programs\accessories\system tools\backup’).

*     Go to the
‘schedule jobs’ tab.

*    Choose a month and day when you want the backup job
to run for the first time and click ‘add job.’

*    This will open up the backup wizard which will prompt
you for the backup type, location and backup update details.

*    Enter this information   and
continue until   reach the ‘when to back up’ window.

*    Click the ‘set schedule’ button.

*      Use the ‘schedule task’ dropdown box to set
when the backup should occur and the ‘start time’ box to set the specific time.

*    Click ‘ok,’ then ‘next’ and enter   account
information .

*      Scheduled backup has been created.

*    To edit previously scheduled backups, open the
scheduled tasks application at ‘start\all programs\accessories\system
tools\scheduled tasks


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