Re-organizing the Windows Start Menu

Re-organizing the Windows Start Menu

Many users have very long start menus’, delaying the start menushow ups as well as to find out any programme takes time,



It’s reasonably simple to organize the “All Programs”section of the Start Menu. Here’s how:

Right-click on the Start Menu then click Explore. This will open WindowsExplorer within the start menu folder for the current user. (USE ADMINISTRATIVEPRIVILEDGES) If you then click “Programs” on the left hand pane youshould see all the programs for the current user listed in your Start Menu inone big list.

We WILL create some category folders then slide individual programs into thosefolders.

Categories may be like  :security, maintenance and utilities , multimedia and  others.

To create the folders, right click in the any white space in the right handExplorer pane and select New/Folder. Name your folder according to eachcategory, for example ” multimedia.”

Then just drag and drop the pertinent programs into the folder you havecreated.


Repeat this procedure for other category folders . That completesthe job for the Start Menu for the current user.

Move these category folders to the top of Start Menu. You can do this simply bydragging and dropping the folders from within the “All Programs”listing.

If sorting out your Start Menu feeling like cross an ocean in a deadly ferry ! thenbe calm; there’s a free utility  calledTidy Start Menu and you can get it HERE:

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