A classic defense of cultural difference. by Elee Wright

A classic defense of cultural difference. by Elee Wright.


Differing attitudes toward various factors of human relationships cause communication problems. It possibly causes more miscommunications than in body positions and movements. The views and practices of cultural differences among various factors of human relationships for illustrative purposes depend upon the following factors. It mainly depends upon five major factors: time, space, odors, and frankness.

Time: In our culture (French) time must be planned and synchronized for better and ultimate use. Punctuality, meeting of the deadlines, business conduct smoothly within specific time limits and working all these with a complete schedule is always consider as the need of the hour. In some other cultures (especially in Middle East) people se the time in more and more relaxed way. They do not empathize on planning, meeting of schedules instead they reach the meeting late, and important people should be late in the meting as it shows their importance. In business conversations people in thee countries go slower pace, start the casual talk before getting into the main cause. So, there are two views of time and when both the persons from these regions meet then there ought to be mis- communication among them. So, views about time differ widely in some cultures stress punctuality and in some cultures it does not.


Space: Space is viewed differently by different cultures, inn some cultures people want to be far apart, in other cultures they want to be close. North Americans tend to prefer about two feet or so distance between themselves and those with whom they speak. In Arabian and South American cultures people stand close to each other and not following this practice is considered impolite and bad etiquette! North Americans view the personal space is the right and tend ton respect the right o the others. Thus they wait and waiting for their turn. People from some other countries jostle for the space in trains and other ques. In encounters among those people whose cultures have such vast differences towwards actions and spaces, and all these likely to be misrepresented.


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