A Feature Rich Phone: Acer Liquid Mini E310 by Elee Wright

A Feature Rich Phone: Acer Liquid Mini E310 by Elee Wright.


Acer Liquid Mini E310 is an affordable phone with great performance and ideal to be called as the feature rich phone. Call quality is very good with clear voice rendition. It is good with hands free mode as well. User interface is irritable. It has integrated social networking applications such as Facebook, Twitter and a social jogger that integrates both the updates. The notification bar has multiple home screens popping out from each icon. It is an excellent feature and user friendly. The 5 mega pixel camera is an excellent option for outdoor shoots with some good customization options. Indoors shoots are not good feels noisy. Video shooting not good at all, the frames, and its movements seems arbitrarily moving from here and there. The volume levels of video shootings are not good, the bundled ear phones has no sound isolation, this means you should not listen to music with it in noisy traffics. Acer Liquid Mini E310 is the lighter version of its sibling phone Acer Liquid. It has Android 2.2 with Fro Yo operating system for mobile platform. It is upgradable to the next version of Android platform 2.3. It has 600 MHz processing power, is very aesthetics in design and similar to its sibling the high end Acer Liquid. The plastic cover not looks good and absence of flash reduces the five mega pixel camera capacity. User interface is Breeze UI is not excellent. It has been incorporated with slight modifications. Over all it has been a good and feature rich phone with not so good sound and camera quality.


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