Sony Xperia Tipo by Elee Wright

Sony Xperia Tipo by Elee Wright.


  1. First entry level Android smart phone in Sony Xperia series.
  2. Tiny form factor and good finish
  3. Below the display three touch sensitive hardware keys-return, home, options
  4. The phone is made of color plastics
  5. It is strongly built
  6. It aims for budget conscious customer
  7. It is thicker and light
  8. Screen’s brightness level and color production is good.
  9. Legibility of text and application do have some problem with it due to lot of noise in color.
  10. On-screen key board is very good.
  11. Multi tasking is fine to a distinct restrictive level, as if your open four applications at one time, it does good function.
  12. If more than four applications at a time there will be performance dip
  13. Sometimes with more applications openings there will be UI unresponsiveness.
  14. Timescape is brilliant and it does not slow down the performance at all.
  15. God call quality at a good signal reception area.
  16. Call quality drops down when you are in weal signal reception area.
  17. Battery life is brilliant.
  18. Overall, a decent phone.





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