What Women Want by Elee Wright

What Women Want by Elee Wright.


There is always some sort of artistic achievement and the weekly tests are now over and for the last five days we do not have to think it again. The entire environment is a buzz with some sort of arrogance cloudy behavior which is making it more and more announce to the occasion of heavy climate and the class is in full swing. The class is in tandem as in this hilly town there is always the chance of heavy rain or snow fall following and for this the school is acquainted with it. We were seating side by side and these are the seats just the second line from the front. I asked how the day is and the response is none and for quite a few times this has given me some surprising phenomena.  Few moments have elapsed and there are some sort of without sound syndrome all around and that is making the entire atmosphere abuzz with very surpassing momentary glory. I paused for some moments and I between there is the recess and then four more classes to follow after that. I was wondering what went wrong and something must have been wrong in this case as the response is nothing , it is different from all the other days as with this case the wonder of site is never permitting and what could be the situation as there seems to be a shuttle of silence pervading among us. The recess time seems to be on the rise as the time of half an hour is making it multiply with the suspense as in most cases it is the curiosity to know what went wrong among us or any other matter that she is not sharing with me. With each of the passing moments the anxiousness is on the rise and with each matter going up the forward attention and the concentration is beginning to fade and for this

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