An audible acoustic wave frequency by Elee Wright

An audible acoustic wave frequency by Elee Wright.


For starters there are some basic terminology and jargons which can be derived as a characteristic language of a particular set of order and in this case related to audio. If you want a career with music editing then try your hand at editing, mixing tracks and make yours fundamentals corrected.

Amplify: When you change the volume in technological terms you are amplifying the sounds. With this volume can be augmented with many multiple ways. Volume increases or decreases with the amplitude of the waveform. It can make sounds exaggerate and bigger.

Bass: It is the sprouting of lower frequency audio. The correct pronunciation of this word is “base” not “bahs”. It is the lowest part of the musical range. The lowest part is in polyphonic music.

Bass Boost: It enhances the lower frequency of the song and adds more definite effect to it.

Compressor: It moderates the loud peaks of the song frequency and keeps the softer peaks in the same waveform. In this way you get very little variation of the song and song goes on with same frequency with no noticeable frequency rise in the entire syllable of the song rhythm. It should be used in segment of the songs , rather than with the entire song as if used for the entire song it can break the symphony format of the song. If used in totality the particular form or instrument which is louder can break it down and make a weird sound.

Crackle: It is the interference of some outer weird sounds in the song syllable. It is like a sound originated from a two way radio like walkie talkie when the transmit button is pressed. These are needs to be removed to make the song sweet and audible.

Decay: When sound gets lower and hardly hearable this option is to enhance the sound so that no words and notes to be missed. It may be considered to be just the opposite of compressor. This option is been used after the echo effect where sounds is to be softer after every echo.

Decibel: It is written as db in some audio editing devices. The sound human ear can reach to sound of 1db, it can feel the pain of sound of 120 db, and there we called these phenomena as the sound pollutions. This measurement is comparatively relative, as it double with every increase of sound as we have two years so it is been calculated double in every segment. Say a song is sound in 5 db and you increase it to 10 db then it will have the gain of fifty percentages. But its impact is of one hundred percentages as it doubles the power of sound which can be described as the amplitude dulcification.


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