A womanless world! by Elee Wright

A womanless world! by Elee Wright.


The shameful death of three year old girl child in India is the signboard that signifies the widely and predominant female foeticide in India. This is a very dangerous trend in the making for some years. In this latest case the child was stricken violently and continuously and had been imputed with the drug addition of her father. The difficulty meted to the three year old girl child and subsequently lead to her demise, focus on then fact that  the vicious ill treatment meted to the girl child has now been rampant and it is been reported in the media time and again. The mass crowd rushed to the house of the girl child only to solace to her mother. The large crowd went there to feel sadness and show their sadness but is ate they realizing the in different attitude towards the girl child and the way it is going on day in and day out , sooner or later there will be the time when the entire world can be the womanless world. The only blame of tiny child that she was female and this is against her father’s feeling that accompanies an unsatisfied state to have the male child. For this she undergoes and subjected to cold blooded, without compensation of human feeling the insensate destruction of her life that devoid of feeling and consciousness and animation. She became the unfortunate female child who suffers from some adverse circumstances and morally reprehensible most despicable in human treatment ever imagined.


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