About Mobile Application Stores by Elee Wright

About Mobile Application Stores by Elee Wright.


A Mobile and Smartphone device has been augmented by some very cool applications and adds on. There are various mobile application stores existing which will cater user’s need. Apple app store: Most popular and it has maximum number of applications and suitable for each and every needs of yours for iPhone and iPad. It has almost 3, 50,000 apps in its store. Android market: The Android market place has the distinction of number free applications and it is supported by Google. As per the latest reports Android has overtaken Apple in terms of applications and popularity the umber of downloads. Blackberry app store: The most expensive and the price is too high. Black berry has future plans of Android apps on their latest tablet and play book then its rank will go up. Windows Phone 7 apps store: Windows Phone 7 apps store platform is the new entrant, it is from Microsoft. It is more than twenty thousand applications and more then Blackberry app store. The users have various options and they have to decide which phone to use by reviewing these stores.


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