Advance Security for the Network by Elee Wright

Advance Security for the Network by Elee Wright.



Network security performs to it maximum capacity when the concerned organization utilizes in its core form to the extent of unified and aggregated approach so that it will produce the richer benefits and the maximum capacity utilization. It is the advance security for the network which unifies all in its core form and all the security technology and also productivity technologies unified into one single and viable unit.

This is where the concept of unified threat management comes in. It is the evolution of traditional firewall into a product that not only guards against the intrusion, but performs the content filtering, spam filtering, intrusion detection mechanisms and anti-virus duties traditionally handled by multiple systems. It is the part of technology and part of packaging. It records to the growing challenges of protecting information assets in the twenty first century.

This solution must decrease the time of protection and ongoing overhead to achieve a lower total cost of ownership. System must adapt to the changes in technologies on the constant basis and it should be a complete automation system mechanism with little or no user intervention. Coordination among different security hub is the need of the hour and this can very well conceived as the different layer to the security. Since many threats has the multiple threat attack signature , the layered approach to the security is the best solution as if one layer response time is late then the next layer caught hold of it and strops the security from running.


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