Between Science And Dream by Elee Wright

Between Science And Dream by Elee Wright.


The birth marks of a previous life is through an academics research into reincarnation using scientific methods throws up startling facts with documentary proof. Dr. Stevenson, who passed away in 2007, published articles in the journal of the American Society for Physical Research, about children who remembered past lives. It is a product of scientific research into reincarnation. He published his famous book Reincarnation and Biology in 1997.

It is based on children’s supposed memories of past lives, related to their murder or a violent death in previous life. He studied 210 cases of this kind and among them 35 percentages have birth marks (birth defects) or wounds of the person, whose life the child remembers as its own. Example of birth marks are usually hairless, puckered skin, etc. The birth marks are noticed immediately after the child’s birth. Most of the cases where birthmarks or congenital deformities are present for which no medical explanations exists.

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