Bottlenecks Within the Operations by Elee Wright

Bottlenecks Within the Operations by Elee Wright.


The move towards on line shopping is an inevitable one. Perhaps not just the number of things is being sold, but also the type of things and how they are sold. There was also the notion of accountability. You could get to change it; there were those little pieces of paper you still carry around in your wallet. Testimonials came about to build trust.  The consumer’s trust in online shopping was further bolstered through viral marketing and successful online transactions. Now some one seating in Australia buy cool things from a daily site which sources its product from US that are made by people of China and gets delivered to her doorstep without her having to step out of her fuzzy slippers. How did it come into being and importantly how big it really today in world?

However, it was not until 1990 when the World Wide Web was introduced and it took another four years until advances such as online banking. When e-commerce was introduced the customer base was low due to lack of Internet access for customers that did not live in the major cities.  Business also had to battle with the customer’s innate need to touch and feel the product prior to purchasing it. This required a significant trade off inn terms of the shopping experience from the customer, which meant that online shopping was perceived as being risky.

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