Computer Security by Elee Wright

Computer Security by Elee Wright.


Computer Scanner allows you to edit scan settings for the entire computer or specific folders and files. Scan settings let you determine scan access priority (fast, automatic or
Slow), the use of heuristics, automatically healing/removing infections and more. Always scan external media. Schedule daily scans and updates (at the minimum). Never ever execute files from unknown email senders or follow unfamiliar links.

Browsers such as Internet Explorer prevent any downloads from taking place without the user’s permission. Through security holes in the web browser, certain web pages can override this and install spyware on the user’s PC. Finally, spyware can be delivered via viruses and worms as payload. For example, the Spybot worm causes several pornographic pop-ups to appear on the user’s screen. This directs traffic and channels funds to the spyware authors.

Newer spyware programs have countermeasures against anti-malware programs, such as preventing installation/execution of the same and even uninstalling them. A firewall is part of a computer system or network designed to prevent unauthorized access while allowing verified and safe communications. It usually consists of a device or set of devices. It can also be implemented via hardware or software, or often a combination of both.

If a particular packet matches the rules, the filter either discards it or rejects it (also drops the packet, but sends an error response to the source). Fairly effective and transparent, packet filters are nonetheless tough to configure. This type is simple, since it only functions to proxy requests from end users. It also intercepts IP packets from the net. However, it causes strain on system performance.


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