ittech: Proliferation of English language

ittech: Proliferation of English language.


The development of English as a single global life-style is the most significant factor. English is the trans-culture bridge and an agent of homogenization. English is getting prominent in world language, so the English speaking countries will dominate English in the universal language. English has the semi official language in some sixty countries. English is widespread globally; its usage is growing at an alarming rate. English is world’s most taught language. English is not replacing other languages, it is supplementing them. Language study is compulsory at Russia, most prefer English. In Norway, Sweden, Denmark; English is compulsory. Within Europe, Holland has the highest concentration of English proficiency outside Britain. Recently at Portugal, the demand for English classes has replaced the demand for French. There are 1,500 English language schools in Tokyo and over one hundred opens in each year. The travel and communications languages of international airwaves are English. Pilot and ATC speak English at all international airports. Maritime traffic uses flag and light signals, when they communicate verbally, they would find a common language which would preferably be English. English is also the language of satellite communications. Five of the largest broadcasters are CBS (Canadian Broadcasting Corporations), NBC, ABC and the BBC broadcasting in English.

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