Safe Surfing by Elee Wright

Safe Surfing by Elee Wright.


Safe surfing doesn’t simply refer to tips for kids surfing online. The most elementary precaution of net surfing is to not give out any of your personal information. This includes your name, address, credit card numbers, phone number and passwords. If a conversation makes you uncomfortable, you can leave without worrying about having your email tracked through your screen name. Friends should also set up private chat rooms when chatting with people they know rather than discussing things in the open.

Read the fine print on a web page you visit. Even if you conform to the law, saying ‘yes’ on some of these pages is as good as giving your personal signature. Confirm that you won’t be receiving any unnecessary spam or that your contact details are not circulated with other sites. if you apply a liberal amount of common sense will they be truly effective. Not even the most up-to date software can save you when you’re willingly giving out personal details. Web-based keyboards offer more protection. Some commercial key logging programs thankfully do not record typing on a web-based virtual keyboard.

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