Canadian Psycho Ate His Boyfriend? by Elee Wright

Canadian Psycho Ate His Boyfriend? by Elee Wright.


The suspect also known as the Canadian psycho was caught hold at Berlin, age is twenty nine and after evading the police day in and day out for quite some time finally was brought into police custody. He told the German authorities that he would not be fighting for the extradition to Canada. Footage of the package have sufficiently prove that the victim has eaten the different parts of the body, though still to day it is hard to prove it the prove is on. So, still to date it is the suspect but it is not been proven and for this the police is tight lipped. A copy of the video online shows a man with an ice pick stabbing another naked, bound male. Then he dismembers the corpse and performs the sexual act on it. In one more incident of flesh eating monsters three Brazilians have been charged with killing three women ad eating their flesh in some what strange theory of cannibalistic cult to control the population.


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