Firewalls and Snoop Ware Protection by Elee Wright

Firewalls and Snoop Ware Protection by Elee Wright.


Snoop ware is malware deployed invisibly in your system. The snoop software can store just about anything that you do in your computer. Snoop ware can store all the keystrokes you make. Snoop ware can also get all your login information.
•    However, it’s mainly employed for malicious purposes and can be considered in the same league as spyware.
•    Scan your computer for spyware, which can range from registry keys, cookies, and other snoop ware and loggers installed in your system. Remove the installed spywares and cookies using good anti spy ware.
•    Portable devices, such as portable hard drives and thumb drives are a very common entry points for viruses and Trojans. A stint at a cybercafé or using your portable device at office and home is very likely to infect your computers.
•    The most robust portable antivirus solution is ClamWin, an open source anti-virus. However, ClamWin is not as good on performance and detection as some of its commercial counterparts.
•    The first time you start ClamWin, you will have to download and install the virus definitions. These help ClamWin stay up to date with the latest threats, and handle them. The first time this is done, it will take some time, depending on your internet speed.


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