ittech: BlackBerry Curve 9380 with touch screen

ittech: BlackBerry Curve 9380 with touch screen.


It is not expensive. It has no generic QWERTY key pad. The 3.2-inch display with a 480 x 360 pixel resolution its resolution is very qualitative with only 30 % brightness gives a bright display indoors. In bright sunlight the legibility factor does not arise. The web rendering and its font’s visibility and readability is fantastic. The only negativity is the color depth as it is seen in most of the Black Berry devices. The 5MP camera lacks the image stabilization feature which is pretty normal in most of modern digital camera and smart phone cameras. The video recording resolution is limited to VGA, just like the Bold 9790 with good image quality. Due to lack of image stabilization feature Battery lasts about 1.5 days in a complete charge up. There is a 1230 mAh battery. You should charge the battery fully once in one and half days to utilize its full processing power.


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