ittech: Men are born to succeed not fail

ittech: Men are born to succeed not fail.


ame venue against WI has been incredible, how can media for get it ? Kangaroos are playing in their own den, let us wait, when they reach and play in India, and a potential 4-0 slot of Australia in India will be a perfect recipe as we should call that Australia is playing at home and that is why they are winning. We have seen the England won at home defeated India but failed five zero los to India. Australia will be feeling the same at India. Australia coach M. Arthur boasting about his team’s win against India but what is new at it? India is always not good playing at Australia and also M. Arthur being slot miserably as South Africa coach as lost World cup to India and must be solace his wounded sole as if he had won the world cup and is why making statements at the media. At the beginning of the series there has been talk of Hussey retirement by partial Kangaroos media , after making a century after a long gap of time now the same Australia media is saying he is the future and now they are against Laxman. Now everything is forgotten and India media is following what Australia media saying a pattern known as colonialism or should I say virtual colonialism. Can India media support these greats and suggest how to improve and be positive. Support your team in hours of crisis and this applies to former greats like Kapil Dev and Gavaskar so that they will go over this slope, nothing is impossible, remember men are born to succeed not fail. Dhoni clears the air , that there is no such move of Laxman’s retirement. Dhoni hinted that there could be phasing out of senior players. It is natural and no question over it. In the last two years Laxman was the savior as the match winner or match saver for India. He scored when the team needs most and do we forget the knock


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