Securely Carry Personal Passwords by Elee Wright

Securely Carry Personal Passwords by Elee Wright.


There is a concept known as a “life password”, which is a common tendency amongst computer users. Most people use the same password for all the websites that they use, including forums, social networking sites, and image hosting sites and for the whole host of services that Web 2.0 has to offer.
•    KeyPass stores all the passwords for all your accounts in one secure location. The passwords are stored in a database, for retrieval whenever necessary. KeyPass encrypts the files with the passwords that it stores, so it would take considerable time and effort to decrypt the password file, even if the attacker has a lot of computer resources at his disposal.
•    The benefits of using KeyPass are twofold. Apart from securely storing all the data in an encrypted database, KeyPass can be used to enter in login and password information automatically. In case the computer you are using has a software or hardware keylogger installed, to monitor internet usage and extract login details for accounts, then KeyPass is very effective at going around such keyloggers. keep its length above 12 characters at least, and use capitalization, numerals and symbols. Anything over the 50 bit strength is good enough for most purposes.


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