Securely Format Drives by Elee Wright

Securely Format Drives by Elee Wright.


Sometimes, it is important to delete data. This can range from sensitive documents to keyfiles. The ability to erase securely is more important when using public computers, or shared computers.
•    What these operations do is remove the index of the particular files from the index. A file recovery tool, as demonstrated above, can recover files from such drives. The data will remain in the hard drive for long periods of time, especially if the files are small in size.
•    Eraser is another application, and it can be configured to overwrite the data many times over. Eraser is the more secure and robust file shredding application, but is also far more time consuming because of the numerous overwrite runs required.
•    The more the runs, the more irrecoverable the data becomes. However, if you have deleted data, without wiping it, then it can be recoverable by file recovery software.
•    This is more than anyone really requires. However, to give yourself the illusion of extra security, and more importantly, peace of mind, you can choose to create your own erase/ overwrite patterns. Click on new to create your own pattern. You can specify an unlimited number of passes, and define what kind of data is used to overwrite the file or empty space in each of these passes.
•    Deleting all the existing data in the hard drive, then erasing all the empty space using Eraser will securely delete all the data on your hard drive. Now even specialists cannot recover the data easily from your hard disk. It is safe to sell or dispose hard disks only after you have securely deleted all the data on the drive.
•    Every time you connect your phone to the computer to transfer images or share your contact list, you are just opening up yourself to a host of malicious coding out there aimed solely at causing harm to your device.
•    As a protective measure, the phone gives you just three chances at entering the correct PIN. So be sure, don’t take your password lightly. If you don’t get the code right on the third try, the subscriber identity module (SIM) card gets locked.
•    Practically, one, or at the most two levels of security is more than sufficient. Depending on what you want to keep away, you can use either of the solutions mentioned in the following sections.
•    This not only requires us to be more responsible for ourselves, but for all those who stay captured on our handsets.
•    Another promising application is Bulambod. The creator claims it is an unbreakable cipher. In cryptography terminologies, a cipher is an algorithm that performs encryption and decryption operations on any given information or data.
•    This way you don’t have to bother of whose call to accept and whose to reject. You only receive calls from people you are comfortable with! It also lets you set up a blacklist of numbers you don’t wish to receive calls from.
•    Additionally this application lets you lock the call log function of the phone. Not only will no one else know what you messaged your secret contacts, they won’t even know if you called them. This ensures you and your contact of privacy.
•    When using your phone’s browser for browsing or using any popular mobile browser such as Opera Mini, we are often tempted to save our password, as it makes it so convenient to browse. All you need to do is initi


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