Chilka Lake by Elee Wright

Chilka Lake by Elee Wright.

Internationals climate change study is now at Chilka Lake . Over twenty scientists from abroad, conglomerate for a climate-change research on Chilka Lake, the first such study on wetland in Asia. The research time span will be for three years. They will observe the following guidelines.


  1. What will happen to Chilka Lake in case the sea level arises?
  2. Will Asia’s largest brackish water lagoon (Chillka) withstand extreme flood or drought induced by global warnings?
  3. How will nearly 30,000 fishermen survive?

Those scientists met at Wetland Research and Training Centre (WRTC) at Badakul near Balugaon, for a three day workshop. Lots of money is to be spent on this research on Chilka Lake. Chilka Lake has 300 species of fish and 200 varieties of unique birds alive there. Each year during December to March 10,000 species of migratory birds reach here from far and wide such as from Canada, Siberia, and Latin America and so on. They stay here for four months before retiring to their homeland. This project will be supported by International and development research of Canada (IDRC) . The finding of this project can also be used elsewhere. Chillka Lake is selected because of its unique eco-system and bio diversity. It is the only lake in India to have a more than century old database of its matainance and its eco system. Surprise but it is true the databas


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