ittech: Picnic

ittech: Picnic.


The bus started to  reach towards the plain and in the sideways we saw how the river is joining the sea and the entire land is full of water, it could not be described at all , at one point there was bus stop for ten minutes where the teacher came to the middle of the bus and told all of us that it is the point where the biggest river of the country is joining the sea , and you can look at the real catchment areas and how the river is just still like sea , while nearer to sea, the characteristics of sea is being slowly transferred to river and where as she also pointed that , look at the sea , how it is for some time is being looking like the river , a characteristics of the river and these are all some of the real wonderful that nature was taken care of and we tended to enjoy all these facets of nature with completely awe and wonderful feelings sometimes appreciating teacher and awed by how a river was changing the manner of sea strange is not it. From a distance it did gave us a feeling like taking a bath at the catchment areas and washing the face over it from the distance to feel at what was happening from the distance. A pure thinking and then we both smiled at each other, giggling knowing what we were thinking about the same. The air condition inside the bus seemed to be getting it to now , it was at nice temperature a coolness that would just be the right case when you were at the picnic and also the coolness that  went into the spine giving me the chilled effect just like eating the ice creams of my favorite flavor ,  the climate inside the bus just gave me the perfect feelings of it as it was always good to dream as some poet once said that it was the dream that made us and it was the dream that made everything else to happen at the perfect, the real joy and the life goes on due to us , and it was the mind that had made everything possible.

The bus went on, I woke up from the dream, from my friend and she said do not sleep, we will enjoy each moment and no one knew, whether we would be experiencing these moments again a philosophical taunt approximating with it, I realized it was true, as girl and also as life we would not believe what would happen at you any time lest it may be. It seemed the world was at close, we were not moving at all we were just beneath the universe as a normal far away sited girls with plenty of ambitions to stood with her own foot.

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