The ghost square

The ghost square.


The chilling wind, piercing through the ear, mending forward and goes through the route to reach out the mind and the possible entrances just being curiously can not be taken out of context similar to a newly married bride groom and her fears and apprehensions about the new home, much to cheer but there are fear that is just like a situation when there is every possibilities of dark and night that is looming large. The mighty wind is breaking the shields as if it is in motion and wants to go beyond it like a seven year child who always wants to conquer the world with new foot steps. The new foot steps to ideas is keep coming back to mind with each interval like a super hit movie that is just going through by motions with longest running records. It seems to be the real work out here having the manuscript of ghost in the square that is making the whole skin just hyper active as if something untoward happens and the brain super charged with the anticipation of ghosts rather than the body and that is why the mind supercharge everything.


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