History of Apple by Elee Wright

History of Apple by Elee Wright.


The world either loves or hates Apple—whether it’s the new generation falling over themselves over the iPod, Mac fans gushing over the new iMac, or the world in general swooning over the upcoming iPhone.
•    Manufacturing and selling a product publicly for profit, however, would require a corporate identity, and the geek duo had none. After much cajoling, Stephen Wozniak signed the ten-page document that would give a 90 per cent stake in the newly-established company in equal divisions to both Jobs and Woz.
•    Paul Terrell, the owner of The Byte Shop, a computer store in their locality, expressed an interest in the machine when Jobs approached him but demanded that it should require no manual assembling.
•    Jobs, whom Newton later described as “an aggressive little kid who didn’t present himself very professionally,” would not take no for an answer and refused to budge until the manager had spoken to Terrell in front of him.
•    They named it the Apple I, sending out a clear signal that Apple Computer, Inc. was officially in the game, and that this was just the beginning.
•    Jobs shared the vision that Terrell had. He dreamed of making an all-in-out personal computer some day, but they did not have the resources to turn this vision into reality at that time.
•    Apple had a turnover of approximately $100,000 in their first year.
•    In his mind, he envisioned a grand scale launch for their new product. To achieve this end, he called the Regis McKenna Advertisement Agency, the company that looked after the advertising for Intel.
•    He also advised Jobs to meet Don Valentine, a board member of his own agency and Atari. Valentine, in t


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