ittech: Genuine search results

ittech: Genuine search results.


when I search for flower with Google search. This is the most significant part of it as the case may be as when I search Bing with Facebook connect then it can probably I am not sure my trial of activities related to flower may be I was planting the rose flower garden and when I search for flower I do expect the search engines to give me the results about rose flower, that does not mean that I do not like the other flowers. That is why I  Google plus tulips as it is also good but that does not mean to say that I like tulips the most and when I search Google or Bing they should not think that Tulip is my favorite. I Google + profile tulip from other stream of updates by exploring Google + profile. It is the instant decision but my like is always rose as my profile picture at Facebook is with rose this is what I meant to say and for the search to be more realistic , knowing the person is more important , to know the person you must know them through their social activities through their social profiles and relatives .

All these are from my user experience and these may be completely wring and also I do not mean tom offend any company, these are the suggestion as if these can be implemented then searches will be definitely be more and more robust and user friendly and that is what each search engines giants like to attend and all these can have the suggestions for them and they can implement all these. It is also advice to them to first try and see if all these are really happenings as in my case all points has been on my user experience not backed by any such scientific diagnosis. If any company feels ashamed and offended with this writing , I sincerely apologetic and sorry for this.


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