ittech: The apathy of electricity ground worker service at Puri

ittech: The apathy of electricity ground worker service at Puri.


The first and the foremost they had done , which is not so in tune with law perhaps as much as , it was so , whatever knowledge I able to gather was that they have bestowed our wire with two neighbor’s wire and that was making the matter worse due to possible carbon related issues , there was some convention that the other wire should not touch one more wire but what they had done by colliding three wires they had made ours wire weaker , which was earlier stronger, we opposed at first , but these seemed to them as dead ears and they had not acted correctly and they continue to do it and the problems with it , it could have been some long drawn consequences , like that the roof can electrocuted and that can possibly corresponds to roofs and that can some of the most serious consequences and these should be avoided at first and these  we had been saying to them both they were not listening. The problem with electricity ground workers who dealt with consumers was that , the same workers were still intact for over six long years and that was why their zeal for work were fast reducing and they were also demanding money after doing each work. It was supposed for them to did it free of cost but they had made it  a convention to demand money after each interval and why these were happenings as after each electricity repair calls they were demanding money and that was really  not so good for electricity departments and these should be checked and stopped by appropriate authorities other wise these would enhance the corrupt practices and consumer were able to give it  other wise what they would do they would constantly harass them after certain intervals.

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