ittech: The handsome stranger

ittech: The handsome stranger.


It might seem that she was comfortable with him and there was no fear factor for her after light off at ten inside the bus. She then added, she had confidence on him that was the sole reason she was seating there, other wise can any lady seat beside a male, and that too after switching off light, as there were many imminent dangers attached to it, if that male was not your confidant, is not it? I had to admit it I just got bored with Sheila’s talk as she seemed to getting over board, if it could be felt that she was just breaching the privacy of the couple, if they had some thing among themselves and most of the times was not sure of it but my friend was thinking of it nevertheless. I was somewhat other kind of girl never thought about any such matters and also always think about books and studies, never interested on these distracting thoughts and visions that she had been saying here, but as she was my best friend so, I cooperate with her thoughts but for sure never ever serious about it or enquire about it, it was she who had the exquisite enquire mind. The bus was running smoothly, the pink dressed girl, two rows upfront from us, requested the teachers of front row ton run the music and the conductor listened to it and then asked the head mistress for permission and it was given, some slow good music running after that and this had been the real memory booster with the songs running slowly and the entire atmosphere was good and also one girl from other side of front door asked to increase the air conditioner and that had been granted. Now it was cooler and I did hope against my hope that Sheila would now quietly sleep

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