Glorious Times by Elee Wright

Glorious Times by Elee Wright.


When Steve Jobs saw how those engineers had taken the way people could interact with computers to a whole new dimension, he was excited beyond measure. “Why aren’t you doing anything with this? This is the greatest thing! This is revolutionary!!”  What impressed me was that their questions were better than any I had heard in the seven years I had been at Xerox. From anybody— Xerox employee, visitor, university professor, student. Their questions showed that they understood all the implications, and they understood the subtleties, too. He dropped it and took over a small experiment with a new kind of all-in-one concept computer headed by Jef Raskin. Steve Jobs was in a position of power and Raskin was a mere employee at Apple with a really small personal project on his hands, the Macintosh.

Raskin sensed the death knell sounding for him and in a desperate, last ditch attempt to claim ownership of his personal project, he made a plea to Scott and Markulla. However, it was Jobs who had clout in the company and he was the one who prevailed. Raskin was officially booted off the Macintosh team. “If the world were always just, Jef Raskin would be remembered as the genius behind the Macintosh. The world is not always just, and history does not always remember those who should be its heroes… However, they were unaware of the huge strides the Macintosh development was taking. Steve had moved the whole Macintosh division into a small, separate building and had basically severed all contact with employees who weren’t on the Mac team from the R&D quarters.

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