ittech: Personal Evaluations of Search Engines

ittech: Personal Evaluations of Search Engines.


What is personalized satisfactory search for the user? Suppose I want to search a particular song from the internet as I want to know the film attached with it.  Why this requirement as I want to adjust the tag elements of the song and also feed the lyricist, music director, composer and name of the film and also the year of the film so much so that when that song will run into the Windows Media Player and then all the information related to the song will be displayed along with the running of the song and that will be the best ideal situation and also lyrics search and adding lyrics to WMP and then synchronies to it so that when the song will run and along with that part of lyrics and making it to know the song easily. This is particularly very much useful as with due course of time the songs has become more and more towards the music side and that has become so much of  difficult to catch the lyrics as with due course of time some body wants to know the lyrics as music is good but catching the lyrics must be excellent. That is why the significant of lyrics gets the most prominent position and with due course of time with the appearances of lyrics inside the main windows of WMP and the songs run it can be absolute a spectacle attached with it.


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