ittech: The interference escapes

ittech: The interference escapes.

To our utter surprise he wrote down about singing competition and also there was a clause attached with it that was saying it as all the students compulsory have to attend this whether you knew it or not but the fact of the matter was that it was compulsory and for this the marks will be awarded and it also includes into our annual passed out to the other class and that was very serious issues to be said frankly I was never ever in reality or in some vagueness close to singing and that was the more difficult for me . It seemed like that of real huge mountain for me but also the teacher told us that nothing is impossible in this world, and humans were entitled to perform each and every aspect of the work that was related to it and for this no one should feel that it would be difficult as there will be additional classed of three in weeks for six months before, and then there would be the examination and that examination would consist of singing of songs and that lyrics would be written by you


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