The Internet Brings the World to Your Desktop by Elee Wright

The Internet Brings the World to Your Desktop by Elee Wright.


The most common of online irritants is spam e-mail. Spam is simply unsolicited email that urges you to buy herbal concoctions to enlarge certain body parts, promise youthfulness via a pill, and say that you’ve won a Rolex watch, and so on. Once they get installed, they are able to send a list of the Web sites you surf, and even your e-mail address. Based on your surfing habits, spam is sent to your email ID, advertising products or services that would ostensibly be of interest to you. You can be a good friend and call him up to let him know of this so he can take curative measures. Phishing is a threat that can potentially rob you of your money. It’s a means of fooling you into disclosing your log-in details of any site / service. Data theft is a growing concern amongst corporate.
Personal and professional harm can arise if someone gets access to your private data or worse still, your e-mail, wherein they could email someone posing as you. To reiterate, just as it is important to get a good lock and key for your house, it is important to adequately secure your PC in order to have a safe computing experience. Other than operating system u p d a t e s , Automatic Updates also downloads all h i g h – p r i o r i t y updates for Microsoft Office 7, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Exchange Server. Note that if you use older versions of Office products, you will need to visit the Office Web site ( for the latest updates. To get a quick overview of the file systems on your computer, right-click My Computer and select Manage. Click on Disk Management in the left pane under the Storage section of


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