ittech: Customizing Google Analytics

ittech: Customizing Google Analytics.


Now the third most significant element of GA is that of date range. You can use the sort of date options efficiently, and further you can go for date range drop- down selection to select the week, month or day of their choice.  The scheduled report is to be emailed for further archive purposes and in this way you can receive and then employ all the data that had been originating out of your GA data. At times when you had ad blocker or context blocker enabled, you are unable to log into GA account and for this email feature is more than handy and by employing this you could find more and more interesting trail of events even if you are not able to log into GA website. You have the option to receive GA reports daily, weekly or monthly and if you enable these functions then it will automatically receive the information according to your specifications. The date range options has been made sticky if the report was scheduled to show up in thirty days, the next email will pull automatically pull the last 30 days. If you are running any kind of marketing campaigns for promotional brand mechanisms then it is inevitable to know from where you will be getting the direct visit and their websites as this can make your contact list more

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