You are missing my heart – News – Bubblews

You are missing my heart – News – Bubblews.

She dreams of him, he is a superstar for her, her own superhero, what she thinks of him and construed by him, he is one of the best among millions, and always she thinks of him and he always thought of her. It is a perfect state of love between them. Their love is unique; it is a perfect state of connecting to heart, where there is perfection of thoughts of assimilation between them. She tries to understand her and in the mean time she searches for her, and when he would come to her, that moment would be great her as they will be going in the same path and their dreams would be the same as usual and it is the perfect and brighter side of their thought processes. When the music come to her mind she thinks of it as it is the source of woods that is making the sounds, but she is trying to find the footsteps of him within these songs and this is what the perfect state of love that they both want to be within themselves. Their love us unique and it is one of the perfect state of life they want to be confined within themselves.

In time of dreams there are fears, the negative side of it, as no one ever knows it when there will be the time when it stops ticking, and when he will be at the front of him and the entire life of her will be there and there will be not part time to think of any thing and within these moments where the ticking of clock would not be there, the life would come to an end abruptly. She will be a prisoner within his eyes and with these states of affairs her life would be there forever. She knows that he has been staling her heart and she wants a confirmation from him , that he should always be with her and he would not be leaving her alone at any point of time , otherwise her heart will break down to each point and in this manner she could not be leaving at any stretch of imagination . When she will be meeting him after a long separation, she will tell him about her plenty of love she has for him. The nights she had been without him and the days that separates her from him and how she has to stay alone without her and also the pain of the long separation and the thoughts of him would tell him that the love of her for him. She would keep him. In her eyes and she would hide him in her own heart and she would tell him the sufferings of her when he was absent and in the manner she would reveal everything that has been painful at her in these sufferings. She would love to tell the love of him.


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