High School Musical – Ittech

It was during times of tenth examination way back, when it was already a tensed time for most of us as most of the time even during these times we toil hard and try hard to find about different easier way to succeed in the examination. It was just like the same time when most of the time as usual English became the most central focus.

It was known from results of senior that most of failed in examination have been result from bad performance of English and most of use terrified, though we are good at English but most of times we felt terrified and at awe considering sorrowful stories coming out form seniors.

I was at standard nine and we have the responsibility for a farewell party for seniors who were preparing for tenth examination seriously. Most of times the invitation part of calling seniors rest with us and for, this special invitation card was printed and most of us write these names and most of it always checked by the class teacher and the teacher in charge of all these social activities.

Her name is Mrs Padhi and she was a teacher of Sanskrit and with good knowledge of providing extremely understanding solving of so called difficult study of Sanskrit. She called all of us during recess hours and in the mean time within last three to four day we have been a bunch of five students had written all sorts of address on these letters  and about all these seniors who had been staying there at different zones.

Tensa being a considerable hill town and of mines town, most of these students had been at different zones and all these zones were there at different point of the small town.It was just at the fall of winter, still plenty of clouds hovering there with moist climate and extreme cool climate still the job to distribute all these invitation cards to be given and it was decided by Mrs Padhi, the teacher in charge of all these activities called us that we should not be reaching to their homes instead all these seniors would be reaching at school on the next day, as they would be receiving their admit cards and at that time teacher would call us and then we would be distributing all these cards on hand to them.

That was the most challenging task for all of us considering that we have to give exact persons to the same card and it is for all of us to do this work extremely careful without anyway doing mistakes. What should we do at most times due to the shy nature we tend to not know most of these seniors and even if we know some of them but even names of these are still out of the question?

We reached to Mrs. Padhi and she solved this dilemma within shortest span of times as she said we all five should be staying inside the large convention hall at the central gate of school and when after farewell meetings gifts would be exchanged with them at the time there would roll call and we should be giving them most of these gifts at that point of time.

So, the big problem was solved due to helpful actions from social activities teachers. Finally, the day had come, with colorful dresses senior reached at convention hall and we tend to stand at one side, and at that time most of them had some sort of moist eyes because of most of them were feeling for school and feeling that they had something left in this great institution.

It was one of the darkest days, where the sky is full of hovering clouds and strong winds coupled with small drops of rain were falling from the vicinity. The hills on the far side had been full with moisture as if the entire environment also feeling the sorrowful atmosphere there.

At the same time one senior comes to stage like every other and started saying something. It was normal for outgoing seniors to speak some words or advice or memory for the rest of us so that inspiration reached us too.  That senior was top ranked senior and he was expected to be among the top performer of state and for this there was great respect for all of us.

He always speaks with a soft word to us juniors and always tried to help us when we posed some question about puzzling mathematics. He had spoken few nice words and then at the conclusion of speech he told that he would end his life if he did not come top in this tenth examination.

While listening to this everyone is spellbound and it was unexpected word from topper, it was recalled for and life is not about education it is beyond this and more to come and how could someone would end his life, if he did not reach his goal, life does not come to us automatically, it was not generated by us and how could we end that life that was other’s possession.

Headmaster became angry and he told he did not want toppers; he wants good strong alumni for his schools, so that year after year people would remember and consider his school in a great name. It is about living and continuing and taking the names of schools to top not ending the life for merely not reaching goal. Everyone disliked his comment and topper realized and apologized at that moment.

 I hope the same senior would be reading this write off, I know he was at a good position but all due to nice words from all teachers at school to realize what he would have been doing while speaking in front of all of us, it is a lesson learnt for all of us, respect life and respect the life given to you, it is precious and the way you respect, it is meant more to you. It is the sheer augmented expectation that would come at you from time to time, and you at these junctions need to take the right path.


High School Musical – Ittech.

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