White diamonds – Ittech

White diamonds – Ittech.

It was a stormy night at the beginning of the weekend. Getting leaves after almost after two months. Feeling tired and it seems to be completely drained out from brain as well as body. Seating at the portico watching beautiful weather and a great climate. Far aside from here, there was beginning of storm, the thunderous lightening coupled with frightening sounds.

It all started suddenly with few drops of snow falling here and there. White snows with street lights were dazzling like white diamonds. With winds blowing away the falling snows, creating virtual straight lines of lights. From a distance perceive the vision seemed to suggest the movement of lighted vehicles on a busy highway during the night. It was awesome.

All these natural vagaries surrounding all of us create a deeper sense of imagination and perceived example of real presence within the boundaries of artificial entities. That was a place where vast areas are open and most of these households plant many trees.

Most of them are conscious of the green environment in which they are living with. Most of these trees were of long standing trees. These were planted deliberately considering, the arrival of strong winds in this area. That place was wind prone zone.

Most of these tall trees were meant to minimize the force of winds to a considerable extent. Climate gave me the feeling of Ninja. I wanted to fly and jump over trees and reach at different destinations and wanted to climb on top of a mountain to watch the first sign of cyclone beginning from there.

Nice cool breeze is moving from side and mostly the northward wind that traverse the entire area. Far away, the road was busy with vehicles returning from office. The sideway road was meant for small vehicles and that was why most times these routes are bereft of sound pollution.

It had been estimated that this route and the Colony and the entire surrounding area could be announced for green area. Due to the advent of conscious citizens most times, even without government support entire areas are completely sanitized and cleaned for better public access.

This was a nice little hill town and I was extremely pleased at that point of time, posted in this brilliant scenic-powered county. That was just my second posting and when the order reached to me, I was at first little bemused and confused about reaching there. Frankly, I did not have any iota of ideas about now how about that town.

It was a brilliant place with a superiority climatic conditions, and a nice green place. Everywhere, you go would find trees and natural surroundings, speaking heavy of one of the most enticing and brilliant environment ever in my entire life, experienced so far.

Hovering clouds, with minimalists sunshine speak humongous of all of us where we could find the most astonishing aspect of climatic conditions, which were better for health and brilliant for generous breathe. Of late, people of there have been tremendously helped to make that town brilliant with not allowing vehicles for two kilometers from there, thus removing any signs of pollutions occurring out of, constant driving of vehicles in and around cities.

Now, with growth of the economy, so as comes, the power of a common man to buy, number two wheelers, which not only create a large chunk of pollution but also make the entire air, difficult to breathe and live.

Why not people walk with their two legs, and why not people walk in and around all immediate tasks with both of their legs why they depend on everything with two wheelers and that create a hell lot of problem there. Entire atmosphere surrounds with a sense of liveliness which remembers all of us, the brilliant times of the past where everyone used to live with fresh air and eat natural foods.

Slowly, we have been moving to the times of impossibility, where we want complete automation of everything irrespective of different ideas and dynamic possibilities. Slowly, humans become one such idle creature where we would not like to work anymore but want every possible alternative for complete and comprehensive alternatives, that could work and help for more and more automation of different possible works.

If all these possible motives come true, then one should also know it clearly, that, we simply have to think, out of the woods and comes with different solutions where vehicles could run without petroleum products. Petroleum products generate carbon and that is directly proportional to the creation of pollution. No matter what sort of advancements we would achieve, the ultimate progression would never ever have achieved without proper connecting and thinking a lot about the Earth.

The earth is a special planet. It should be preserved for future generations. The amount of green house gas effect could spell doom for human civilization in years to come. All these exuberant ideas and plenty of different notions on welfare of mankind comes automatically to mind but without a doubt, it all are true feelings and I could sense my mind is working perfectly with these short of green environment where augmented possibilities of ideas and different notions comes into mind in the form of variety of analysis of scientific logics.

Many of us all the time would think science is better for humans, for sure it is yes but still there are many such loopholes, in the domain of science where time and again, in the long run, perceivable making us reaching backwards, and creating a sense of decrement where at some point of time, rational human being would think, whether to use science at all in their life time or not.

Then, I decided to write these thoughts on paper so that it would stay for all the time with readers and hoping them to write some more suggestive true ideas which I could utilize it for betterment of my thought process. It needs to be a movement where everyone must endeavor for a green environment and beautiful earth to leave it on.

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