The haunted office

On the next morning, I got up at seven am though this time I was bit late due to bus lag all over by body which is aching like never before and also due to tremendous jet strikes of rain which makes entire atmosphere body feeling like left over and also showcased one of the most difficult and intolerable levels to live it up. I know, to day, I have to joint at the branch office which is about three kilometers from this town and within one hour the official vehicles would reach at my quarter so I have to prepare for this and let the past night romance with climate to be completely forgotten and to set it out with new vigor of joining another branch and work with different people that has just been so much of fun as with India we find many such people here and there with plenty of characters all around. I was as usual pretty excited about as it was my second assignments means transfer on the same public sector company and pretty eager to reach out to people there and work with singular capacity for some years.

Since childhood, been accomplished with transfer job of parents enable me some other ideas of mixing with strangers one after another after a certain interval of times as I have to change the school from time to time in order to cope with the imminent transfer of parents.

via The haunted office.

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