Inserts advertisement after a few paragraphs – Ittech

Source: Inserts advertisement after a few paragraphs – Ittech

It is not just a simple idea as the standard WordPress procedure is to bring out the article from its database and loads on web browser and to put ads inside of it remains a good amount of tactics and this procedure also changes from theme to theme but this time I got the information from internet and wish to write it down so that when ever I would change the theme of website for sure go back to this article to know what are the procedure to insert ads inside content. WordPress server connects with its database with just single line and then inserting something in the middle of this seems a very difficult idea that is why most of the articles on this subject to the internet does not seem to work in the correct manner.

Generally, while editing any of these files of WordPress I would prefer to go with cPanel hosting side so that after review of coding if something goes wrong then I could reach out to and correct those codes immediately. Instead of theme editor of WordPress I prefer to go from ‘file browser’ of cPanel. After logging into cPanel reached to ‘File Manager’ and open it.


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