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Computer cleaning is a major job. Every year on 13th February celebrated as the computer cleaning day. This is not to mention the cleaning of keyboards and removing the dusts from the touch screen, and removing dusts from other panels of the laptop but it is about comprehensive thoughtful process of using the computer as a whole. It deals with comprehensive computer management of cleaning up the hard drive. RAM, updating software and checking computer for viruses, removing all unwanted stuffs so that computer should run its own original speed.

Cleaning up the computer helps to run the computer in its original speed. Updating anti viruses or upgrading to another good layered protection helps to run the computer in good speed and secure computer data. Backing up important programs to an external hard disc as well as to cloud services so that with every apps and devices you could browse and find information about these products. Remove unwanted programs and remove all wanted junk files with the help of some clever cleaning apps or software. Deleting unused programs used to clean many memories and thus with the help of one out of the service part of understanding of processing of movement of information from one hard drive to the other smoother.

Major cleanup the physical part of computer and then we should move towards the software part of it. Cleaning up of the software part is easier and for this one should see how it performs and the stage of updates of software come about. Backing up data inside laptop or tablet must be done regularly. If laptop and tablets go out of order, then it should be easier to replace it immediately, but n the case of data which resided with each and every personal digital assistants of us should always be secured with due diligence.

You can use an external hard drive, thumb drive, cloud drive or Gmail attachments to save and back up information and data so that it should always be kept in a secure location. This removes the fear of losing data even hard drive fails and the computer fails to boot. Back up computer once in a week and enable history explorer of the computer so that some important word document files should always stay backed up with different timeline options. We are living together in the world of faster internet and superior RAM computers. This enables us for faster browsing and this poses some cons to users also. Hackers could gain faster access through the help of the internet and for this it is important to move towards for a comprehensive guidance over which everything can be described in terms of som of the most secured manner.

That is why the forms and factors of using internet security come upon us there could be hacker’s attack from anywhere even you do not have anticipated at any point of time and be ready for this and stay with pro-active internet security. Most of time use default software of the computer and if at any point in time you do find some other software is the need of the hour then it is better for you to examine about all sorts of this third party software and then install it. Limit administrative access and use computer in the standard account instead of administrative accounts.

Most of times you could find that there could have been many programs that has been installed and most of these programs comes from the other third party software such as camera, external hard disc, printer and so on and they form a quite a few short cuts at the desktop and the more short cuts at the desktop means there are more spaces limits to these an d you could have lesser spaces for this. It is time to get organized and provide tags to each and every data so that indexing of data could be easier and that makes search functions inherent within computer works smarter and better with fully optimized way.

Back up and update passwords. If you are using chrome than with the specific accounts yours passwords are backed up and automatically filled up when you reach the same site. If you keepass then back up the data base of it with an external hard drive, thumb drive and cloud drive so that it should always be kept at multiple places. If you are using Norton identity safe, then it is better to remember the user name and passwords of Norton so that ultimately, it needs to be given when you install that software. Always back up the backup files of yours website, if you back it up locally and put it at the safer places so that even if at any point of time the goes down for some point of time then you could use this back up to make it active again.

If you have recently changed the user name and appearance name of yours then you should see how to delete the older names from the websites where you have been responding to them as well as change the name in yours Gmail so that the new name appears with each and every mail. Double check privacy settings and some other forms where you have submitted and try to clean those and replace with your new appearance email so that ultimately you could find that slowly, your new name should appear once again in the similar search results.

It is important to check the privacy settings of most services such as social media network and other authentication services. It is important to check out the face book privacy settings, twitter privacy settings and other social network privacy settings so that ultimately data is of yours and to safe guard these it is important for you to deal with it and restrict user access and allow access to people to whom you intended to use it for. Time to time you could be seen and facilitation which individual user should have exclusive access to your data and which have not and in this manner, you could find more and more facilitation of understanding the way these private settings move about.

It is important to look out for all sorts of digital data in the form of multimedia and other forms of customization in terms of making a dependable personal computing environment. You might have downloaded themes and it is best to install those themes and back u those themes so that after operating system refresh you could have the same sort of theme once again. Check UPS and other electricity conditions so that it should always stay with good amount of health and protect your personal computer and devices in good manner.

It is the one important word is that of save and save everything at different convenient places so that ultimately you could find the relax of mind even if at some point of time you do find that computer hardware fails and it does failed to perform at the most satisfactory limit.

Security is a vast subject. It is used with self-confidence could wipe out the trends of endangering of security to computer. It is important to follow appropriate safety measures and then increase the potential security levels to maximum. Most of these technical devices need hardware cleanings, software upgrades and hard ware upgrades and periodically with due course of time we could find more and more sophisticated forms of hacker’s attack and it is we with the help of additional form of security management could remove all sorts of cyber attacks to null and void.




Source: Why clean computing matters? – mohanmekap.com


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