Three Simple Ways to Get Google Play credits and other rewards from Google for free –

Google loves data. Most of Google applications are built around it. If you carefully scanned each and every application from Google you are going to find that most of these are application oriented and general purpose is to generate and gather data. You are probably astonished to find out the amount of data and information Google probably knows about you. It is lot more than what you are thinking of and probably continues to provide some of the most astonishing fact that day by day you would soon find that even if at some point of time you are losing control of something of the past but Google is not.

If you are paranoid about everything you want to know then you can go towards Google My Activity tool which lets you show the amount of searches as well as the amount of information you are browsing and let you personalize everything about it. This means that Google knows much more than what we are thinking and there are some other tools based on your personal experiences Google provides you so that you could earn some Google play credits or rewards with it.

Google Opinion Rewards is now in India and it provides users with smaller and easier surveys to fill and then from time to time ask users to provide their opinion on it and some surveys does not fetch money and some does it and then it stays with it as the Google Play Credits and by using it of the same price you can buy any paid applications, songs or books from Google Play Store. You need only valid Gmail which should be in use with Google Play store to use it.

Google Local guides give you rewards for filling up maps with relevant information such as entering pin, restaurant nearby, images of the place and route information. Screenwise media panel tracks app and browser usages and then provide you with Google play credits or rewards. These three apps do provide users with some rewards to choose and find out their best possible apps so that ultimately Google is slowly spreading towards the concept of ultimate user’s intervention from where it accumulates the humongous amount of data.

These three data applications are not meant for any advertising patterns, but instead it wishes to understand users of their patterns and behaviors about different application usages in mobiles. In mobile, the more we use apps the more revenues Google receives. Similarly, with desktop it is about using the internet all the time and for this it is imminent and important to understand the usages patterns and which of the application users like. In this manner, Google tries hard to know about user’s specification and favorite application in each and every field.

For example Google has various applications for android on the same service such as messaging. It has hung out, android messaging, Allo and so on. In one of the survey Google wishes to know how is the experience of using Google Allo and whether you know about it and if yes from where you heard about it and so on. Ultimately, some part of the revenue share comes to the users and that seems to be one of mightiest idea and now it is India and that is the best one could help to find it out.

Google Opinion Rewards:

It was a recent launch in India. Earlier it was available in various countries but not in India. Now, it is available for Indian users. It is available in Google Play store. It is developed by Google survey teams. You only have to answer surveys which barely take some seconds and earn Google play rewards with it. Download the app from Google play store and then answer some basic question about yourself. Most of times you would receive a survey once a week and sometimes it could be less frequent or vice versa. The first two to three surveys generally do not fetch any credits but do not lose your heart and keep responding them on time to get back credits.

Most of these surveys are short and most of these relevant and you would receive notification about it and then just click on the notification to reach towards a survey and then filled those and you are done. Most of these survey questions are easy and most of it relevant to marketing. Try to be genuine and provide answer to most of these.

Get Google Opinion Rewards on Google Play

Google Local Guides:

Google local guides are a part of Google Maps program. It sought helps from users about specific locations which they knew it very much and sought user’s contribution from it. It asks for some specific questions, pins and other relevant information. It makes easier for other people about accuracy of maps which you are providing. It enables you to share your Google maps to others so that others as traveler when reach to that place would find relevant information of interests from the local guides like you. You could show the information about meals, park and relevant information and if at all with a screen shot to help them out.

There are various levels of it and when you contribute and provide ratings to these slowly you should find to go from level one to two to three and so on and this also provides some incentives and awards while doing this. Slowly, you would find that in due course of time of your reviewing of these places Google rewards you from time to time. After sharing these information, you would receive Google newsletters, Google handout seminars and if you are lucky enough to be at some select cities then you would participate in some competitions to get absolute rewards.

When you reach to level 2 of a local guide, you will be receiving information about new product and services from Google. Most of early access to Google products should be delivered to you first and Google should provide you with local guides calendar to promote more about your own places of interests. There are five levels with each level providing more and more opportunities for users and it is you to decide about how much of interests do you have in it. It is a fun program. The exact amount of rewards keeps on changing from time to time but you should enjoy it along with your smart phone and internet connection.

It is the source of enjoyment while you are on the go. You can capture moments and other relevant activities and then provide the most deserved performance experiences along with to earn a few extra credits.

Join Google Local Guides via the Web

Screenwise Media Panel

Last but not the least is about Screenwise Media Panel. It does provide huge opportunities to earn quicky some cash rewards in the form of a coupon in the popular online stores like Myntra. Shopper’s Stop and, so on. Just install the application by downloading from Google play store and then you are done. It provides some of the real money in the form of coupons for doing nothing at all. With it you allow Google to track the sites you visit, the application you are using and how you spend some extra internet times. In reality, you could earn up to rupees 200 per month by using it. As long as you keep the application installed on your mobile the incentives keep on increasing month by month. First sign up or screen wise media panel on the web and if it is full then just wait for information from Gmail.

The main of this program from Google is that after Google approved your participation. Install this application from Google Play Store and Google wishes to know how people are using the internet on a day to day basis on which applications. Google will learn about sites you visit, the apps you use and find some basic information about it as you do not have to do anything just keep on using mobile while this app is installed. You will get 300 rupees for downloading the app and then 200 rupees each month of app installation. You just have to let the app run within these specific environment. You can exchange your rewards with some gift cards from Myntra, jabong, lifestyle, shoppers stop and so on.

Sign up for Screenwise Media Panel on the Web

Source: Three Simple Ways to Get Google Play credits and other rewards from Google for free –


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